Samoans [Interview]

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As a lifelong Deftones fanatic, any band willing to incorporate even the tiniest hint of said legends’ sound into their own noise is more than welcome in my earholes. Samoans do what all the best bands do with their influences: chuck them all into a metaphorical blender along with some extra-special spice, shred the lot to hell, and see what comes out when it’s tipped upside-down. TMMP talked to Samoans guitarist Oli about his band’s upcoming set at 2000 Trees Festival, and much more…

You’re due to play 2000 Trees this year. How’re you feeling about it?

Pretty excited really. We did ArcTanGent festival last year which was great, so hoping for a similar vibe. Loads of bands we absolutely love are playing. I missed the Mclusky shows last year, so I’m looking forward to that.

What can the curious expect from your set?

Loud bits, quiet bits, and occasionally bits that are somewhere between loud and quiet. We’ll be playing songs from our debut album Rescue, which we released a year ago. We might drop in a couple of new ones for good measure.

What’s your band’s origin story?

Dan and Calvin met at a birthday party. I don’t know the details but it probably involved a dispute over pass the parcel. They played overly complicated tap-happy music for a few years with a number of different drummers until Read more…

Posted on 30 June 2015

Blood Youth [The A-Z Interview]

Artwork Blood Youth IMH

TMMP regulars Blood Youth return for a special one-off interview…

A song that made you want to make music: Scar Tissue – RHCP.

Best album ever written: Slipknot – Iowa.

Craziest moment you’ve experienced in the band: On our last tour we stayed at Stanley Kubrick’s mansion.

Deepest lyrics from one of your songs: Your eyes tell me Read more…

Posted on 29 June 2015

Heights / Throatpunch City / Eschar / Toska [Live Review – The Star, Guildford, 27/6/2015]

heights star june 2015

This lineup was unmissable.

Regular readers will already know how much I love talking about Toska. These guys are beyond insane, boasting telepathic tightness and currently-instrumental tunes heavier than the Terminator’s ballsack. Over their last few shows, Toska have been experimenting with a variety of dynamic approaches, and seem to have settled on a rawer, more focussed, and emotionally immersive sound than ever before.

Level Up: Achieved.

Having followed Eschar for so long they’re probably considering a restraining order, it’s safe to say that I think they’re alright – maybe even pretty good. The only thing Eschar seem to struggle with is Read more…

Posted on 28 June 2015

Bridges [Interview]

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You learn a new thing every day – and BRIDGES are about to reveal something immense here. Consider me educated. Oh, and these guys are playing a festival too…

You’re due to play 2000 Trees this year. How’re you feeling about it?

Excited. We played last year on the Forest Stage, and it was awesome. We spent the day hanging out listening to music in hammocks and played a late night set to a really good crowd of people.

What can the curious expect from your set?
Read more…

Posted on 28 June 2015

Maxi Curnow – ‘Transition’ [Review]

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Last year, Maxi Curnow dropped STEM – TMMP’s #2 EP of the year – and it earned that lofty ranking for good reason. This guy is a one-of-a-kind talent – a genius, as overused as that term is today – and when it comes to instrumental skill, compositional nous, and punch-to-the-gut songcraft, Maxi Curnow possesses a perspective all his own. STEM was a unique display of musical Jedi skills, a twenty-minute epic crammed with twists, turns, and tangents – and it fucking blew my mind.

Transition is a different proposition. With this album, Maxi Curnow has everything he needs to go as far as he damn well pleases.

On Transition, the influence of virtuosi as diverse as Tesseract and Guthrie Govan merge with nods in the direction of electronic experimentalist extraordinaire Björk and a lack of trepidation in embracing Read more…

Posted on 27 June 2015

Are We Having Fun Yet? – ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ [Review]

are we having fun yet cover art

Weekends were made for chilling – and this two-track release from none-more-new electronica duo Are We Having Fun Yet? is perfect for anyone who needs to unwind right now. The brainchild of TMMP regular Giacomo Pope and Tom Ridley, AWHFY?’s self-titled debut is a super-cool, ultra-slick, and inventive adventure into minimalist musical space. Yes. Hear it all below… Read more…

Posted on 26 June 2015

Paolo Raineri [Interview]

paolo raineri trumpet

TMMP regulars will have read much about experimental instrumental group KoMaRa, comprised of David Kollar, Pat Mastelotto, and Paolo Raineri. Here, TMMP talks to the ‘Ra’ in KoMaRa…

How’re you feeling about the release of KoMaRa’s debut album at the end of this month?

I’m excited, can’t wait to release it! I’m really curious about what people will think about it! We worked really hard to make it better and better: billions of different versions, overdubs, changes in structure, thinking what to do.

And Pat’s team is just great: Adrian who helped us a lot with sounds, structure, mixes; Bill recorded amazing voices over the album and did some mixes; Denis with his stunning graphic work for CD [and] vinyl and, of course, Adam [Jones, of Tool] who created the creature of KoMaRa. Unbelievable team and very nice persons.

I want to mention also my bandmates David and Pat: it’s really a pleasure Read more…

Posted on 25 June 2015

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