Black Peaks [Underground Greats]

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Since 2013, Black Peaks have wasted little time in establishing themselves as math-rock stars in the making. TMMP has championed them for some time, and for many a good reason. Here are five of them:

1) Their tracks are fully immersive.

Some bands soundtrack your life in a nostalgic sense, pushing and pulling you into the past, running over pains, worries, and victories alike. The music’s there, right in your ears – but so are some things you might rather forget.

Black Peaks’ tracks take a different tack. Songs like Glass Built Castles and Saviour will use up all your mental bandwidth, pushing the world away and allowing real relief from everyday stresses and strains. These guys will bend your brain into a mind-pretzel, twisting time in ways that would leave Stephen Hawking Read more…

Posted on 30 July 2015

Why You Should F***ing Love Nothing But Thieves


Who are Nothing But Thieves? They’re one of the fastest-rising rock acts in the UK right now – and if you’ve never heard of them, stick with TMMP here as we list off five reasons why over the next year, you’re not going to be able to escape them…

They’re sitting on a shit-ton of anthems.

Nothing But Thieves don’t do small songs. From the mournful heartstring tugs of fan favourite Graveyard Whistling to Last Orders‘ spacious groove and guttingly direct lyrics and more recent cuts like the ultra-funky Ban All The Music, the sci-fi fuzz of Itch, and the none-more sexy Trip Switch, there’s no arguing quality-wise here. The worst you could reasonably say is it’s not your thing; if you’re set on slating NBT’s songwriting, you’re nothing more than a master of rectal Read more…

Posted on 28 July 2015

ArcTanGent 2015 [Festival Preview]

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If you’re a regular TMMP reader, you appreciate the fact that the best music is created without boundaries. Although normal isn’t always boring, stepping outside your comfort zone is essential if you want to start adding the spice of variety to your life.

ArcTanGent has a stellar reputation for hosting bands whose music is free from everyday restraints. Common time signatures and orthodox melodies are a rarity at this UK-based festival, and progressively-minded pilgrims travel from far and wide to its south Bristol site to share their passions with likeminded others. This year, TMMP will be among them.

ArcTanGent’s core philosophy is respectable enough – but a quick glance at its lineup provides much to start salivating over. From big names like Cult Of Luna, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deafheaven, 65daysofstatic and The Fall Of Troy to solid Read more…

Posted on 26 July 2015

Joe Satriani – ‘Shockwave Supernova’ [Essential Listening]

joe satriani shockwave supernova

Shockwave Supernova is the definitive modern-day Joe Satriani album. Equal parts catharsis and cool, a seamless blend of contemporary and classic vibes, this is Satriani at his best. The instrumental guitar maestro continues to rule the roost after almost three decades at the top.

Those are big words – but this is a big album. Shockwave Supernova is made up of fifteen tracks, during which Satch never holds back. From a technique perspective, it may be relatively restrained – but in terms of raw, uncensored emotion…man. Sometimes it makes for difficult listening.

True artists, great musicians, communicate the sound of something welling up in the subconscious before finding Read more…

Posted on 24 July 2015

Bowling For Soup [Interview]

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If you’re trying to get the Girl All The Bad Guys Want, hung up on a Bitch, or suffering from mixed feelings about a girl named Emily, Bowling For Soup have not only felt your pain, but also written a song about it. These guys are pop-punk legends, and are set to return to British shores in February 2016 for their “How About Another Round?” tour. With live shows, longevity, and drinking in mind, TMMP wound up talking strip clubs, jail, nutsack uppercuts, and the Grammys with BFS bassist Erik Chandler…

You’re set to hit the UK next year for your “How About Another Round?” tour. On the topic of drinking, what were the contents of the most expensive round you’ve ever bought? 

I can’t say that we actually “paid” for it, but this tab went to the record label and was eventually charged back to us. So, in the long run, we paid for it.

There is a legendary “gentleman’s club” in Atlanta, Georgia, called Tattle Tales, made famous by getting a name check in Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls – and I believe the tab was about $8000. That’s roughly £5100. It was a good night, and only one person went to jail – and he was not a member of BFS.

Which are better – American bars, or British pubs?

We, as a band, are a fan of the dive bars. So if you’re talking a straight up British pub, I have to go Read more…

Posted on 22 July 2015

Between The Buried And Me – ‘Coma Ecliptic’ [Essential Listening]

between the buried and me coma ecliptic cover

For prog-metal heavyweights Between The Buried And Me, less has never been more. They’ve built a solid career on expansive songs crammed with everything but the kitchen sink – and latest offering Coma Ecliptic sees BTBAM continue, appropriately enough, to progress.

The most immediate sign of forward movement on Coma Ecliptic is the crystal-clear Dream Theater influence that permeates the whole album from second track The Coma Machine onwards. From the clipped and spacious production job to periodically Petrucci-esque guitar work and nods in the direction of DT keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess, it’s clear that Read more…

Posted on 20 July 2015

Seething Akira – ‘Airstrike’ [Review]

seething akira airstrike

Seething Akira are a sick live band – and this tune always goes down explosively when they hit stages across the country.

A super-fat chrome-plated hybrid of metal and drum ‘n’ bass that fans of the sadly defunct Pendulum will find instantly addictive, Airstrike is guaranteed to snap Read more…

Posted on 16 July 2015

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