Sixx:A.M. – ‘Prayers For The Damned’ [Review]

Sixx AM Prayers For The Damned Full Album Review 2016 Nikki Sixx DJ Ashba James Michael Motley Crue

Prayers For The Damned is an album aimed at the underdogs of the world.

Nikki Sixx is a truly rare rock star, one willing to stand up for the downtrodden – whether they be up-and-coming musicians or, as made plain on Sixx:A.M.’s sophomore record, victims of abuse. Those of you in need of some rock ‘n’ roll-style motivation will find plenty of comfort and courage in Prayers For The Damned’s opening tracks Rise and You Have Come To The Right Place. Those songs get to the point immediately: If you’re going through some seriously harsh shit, you’re not alone.

Prayers For The Damned feels not just like a hard-rock/glam-metal showcase – although it definitively is that – but more akin to Read more…

Posted on 29 April 2016

Fifi Rong: Forbidden Desire [The Interview]

Fifi Rong Forbidden Desire EP Review Pledge music cover shot EP Review Interview 2016

With her new EP Forbidden Desire, future electronic superstar Fifi Rong continues to go from strength to strength. Click here for a review of the full EP, and read on as I chat to Fifi about Forbidden Desire, her creative process, and her biggest project to date…

Your new EP Forbidden Desire is out on April 29. How’re you feeling today?

I’m feeling good thanks – I’m looking forward to hearing how this EP is received!

While you were writing and recording Forbidden Desire, what was your creative process?

The Forbidden Desire EP is basically an outline for a bigger picture, leading into the new album I’m making. These songs came from many demos to go into production.

There was a lot of drama and ups and downs producing and recording the EP, but everything flowed very Read more…

Posted on 25 April 2016

Lu’Ami – ‘Better’ [EP Review]

Lu'Ami The Better Project Kickstarter Better EP Review

The “experimental electronic” label has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allows you to accurately describe the otherwise uncategorizable; on the other, it’s extremely vague. Experimentalism is what keeps music moving forward, yet there are countless artists out there all pulling in different directions.

Lu’Ami uses a miniature arsenal of digital gizmos to create loop-based sonic structures with a Read more…

Posted on 24 April 2016

Lu’Ami – The Better Project Launch Party [Live Review – St. George’s Church, Brighton, 23/4/2016]

Lu'Ami The Better Project Better EP Review Concert Gig Event Show 2016 Kickstarter

Brighton is one of Britain’s most open-minded cities – and last night, experimental electronic musician Lu’Ami’s “Better Project” launch party demonstrated that fact in singular style. Hosting and promoting a range of alternative-almost-everything artists, businesses, and organisations including Kalula Jewellery, Sisi Holistic Beauty, Brighton Girl, Harper & Finch, and the Brighton Permaculture Trust looked from the outside like a logistical nightmare. On the night, though, it all seemed to run smoothly.

Aside from launching a new brand called, appropriately, The Better Project, last night’s event also incorporated a sustainable Read more…

Posted on 24 April 2016

Erika – ‘Onna’ [Review]

Erika Onna EP Review 2016 Bugeisha

In music, women generally aren’t allowed to be kickass. They can be sex objects, sure, positioning themselves as submissive man-pleasers or manipulative man-eaters…but not much else. Any emotions they happen to show are usually interpreted as attempts at avoiding the dumb-bimbo label, or open invitations into the Black Widow’s web.

In reality, those emotions may be real – and the women themselves are obviously not objects but real people, with their own Read more…

Posted on 23 April 2016

Haken – ‘Affinity’ [Review]

Haken - Affinity Album Review 2016

Authentic originality is hard to come by in music. Every style comes complete with its own formula, and countless bands follow their respective recipes in lockstep with each other. The result? Bland, beige sameness.

Even in the prog world, copycat clone bands abound. One band brings a unique style to the table, and scores of followers follow it down to the last EQ notch on a guitar amp. Finding something fresh, new, and interesting can be a tough slog at times.

If you’re bored of soundalikes, Haken are here to save your day – and possibly Read more…

Posted on 21 April 2016

The Greasy Slicks – ‘Fool Me Twice EP’ [Review]

The Greasy Slicks Fool Me Twice EP Review 2016

Southern-fried blues rock. Deep-pocketed grooves, filthy riffs, and pitch-perfect guitar solos. Sound like your thing?

Then meet The Greasy Slicks.

Fool Me Twice is made up of four tracks rare in terms of both rawness and quality. The Greasy Slicks have managed to capture the spirit and energy of a captivating live show on record here, and the results sound and just are immense.

Eyes Wide Black starts things off, wasting no time in Read more…

Posted on 20 April 2016

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