Figures – ‘Filter’ [Review]

Figures - Filter

Incubus. Tool. A Perfect Circle. Three of the greatest alt-rock/metal acts of all time. And key influences on Filter, the upcoming single release from the Australian underground jawbreakers known as Figures.

You could easily count me in just on the above alone – but throw in socially conscious lyricism addressing the social media attention sink and an inevitably impeccable mixing job by Karnivool über-producer Forrester Savell, and Read more…

Posted on 06 February 2016

Textures – ‘Phenotype’ [Review]

Textures - Phenotype

From frantically churning riffage to throat-scarring screams and universe-pummelling beats, Textures’ Phenotype takes in everything you could ask for from a modern metal band, and spits it all out in a new, brutally mutated form.

Oceans Collide barely contains a borderline terrifying collection of monolithic grooves that Meshuggah themselves would pat themselves on the back for penning – and by Read more…

Posted on 05 February 2016

The Jezabels – ‘Synthia’ [Review]

The Jezabels - Synthia

The Jezabels have a real knack for music that flows like water. Stand And Deliver pounds and washes like stormy seaside surf before the tide recedes, leaving rocky drums, the sparsest synthetic trickles, and a fiercely powerful vocal. It’s a beautiful start to a beautiful album.

Seething synthpop given guts and strength by frequent bursts of rhythmic energy and Read more…

Posted on 03 February 2016

Rootwork – ‘Gallows Humour’ [Review]

Rootwork - Gallows Humour

Man alive.


Holy [insert expletive].

Imagine Reuben jamming with Light Grenades-era Incubus, and you have Code Talker – the lead track from Gallows Humour, the latest from a band namechecked by Jamie Lenman about a year ago during Read more…

Posted on 02 February 2016

Submotion Orchestra on ‘Colour Theory,’ Keytars, And Onstage Livestock [Interview]

Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra’s new album Colour Theory is one of the albums of the year. Granted, it is only February, but I can very safely say that Colour Theory is going to take some beating. Seriously.

Colour Theory has been on near-constant repeat at TMMP HQ after hitting a 100% home run in this full-length review. It’s a genuinely spectacular album – and for this interview, TMMP got SubMo keyboardist Taz Modi talking about the story behind Colour Theory as well as stage invading DJs, keytars, onstage livestock and spaceships… Read more…

Posted on 01 February 2016

Black Peaks – ‘Set In Stone’ [Review]

Black Peaks - Statues

Black Peaks never, ever fail to surprise and impress.


Set In Stone – the first brand new Black Peaks track to see the light of day in 2016 – sounds like the end of the world. It is Read more…

Posted on 31 January 2016

Dream Theater – ‘The Astonishing’ [Review]

Dream Theater - The Astonishing

Dream Theater have always been an ambitious band. Over the past three decades, they’ve attained and maintained an enviable position at the absolute peak of the prog metal mountain.

They have never slacked off.

Now, progheads across the world are coming face to face with Dream Theater’s most ambitious project to date. The Astonishing is a concept double album, totalling 34 tracks and 130 minutes of music. Just listening to the thing is an overwhelming task in itself. Read more…

Posted on 30 January 2016

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