Glass City Vice [Interview]

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Glass City Vice are a band on the rise, having supported the likes of You Me At Six and heading down to 2000 Trees 2015 to rock it hard. TMMP talked to GCV about the festival, their origin story, and Spinal Tap..

You’re playing a set at 2000 Trees this year. How’re you feeling about it?

Super excited! We are playing the stage that is nestled in the woods, which looks really cool. If the weather holds out it should be a pretty cool setting. It’s wicked to be on a bill with so many great bands as well.

How did Glass City Vice first get together?

We all met at university in Brighton. We hadn’t really heard each other play, but [it] was more of a mutual love for the same music. We have all grown up a lot since then, and it’s almost Read more…

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Posted on 05 July 2015

Tellison [Interview]

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In the latest instalment of TMMP’s 2000 Trees Interview Overload, Tellison talk gigs on skateramps, DIY challenges, and the side effects of brown liquor consumption…

You’re playing a set at 2000 Trees this year. What thoughts and feelings are going through your heads right now?

Right now we’re juggling a thousand things in our heads. There’s a lot to sort out before releasing an album (our new one comes out this summer) and we’re a pretty DIY band, so we’re the ones doing the sorting. There are videos and singles and artwork and rehearsals and posters and sets and equipment repairs and vans and merchandise and websites and photos and a hundred other small bits to try to line up neatly so everything comes out on time and looking right.

It is exciting though, once you’ve waded through a thousand emails. 2000 Trees has been very good to us over the years, so we’re looking forward to Read more…

Posted on 05 July 2015

Jurassic Pop [Interview]

Jurassic Pop Press

This is the greatest interview you will ever read.

Your first hit is called Whoever You Are, Whoever You’re With, You Must ALWAYS Make Time To Get With Jeff. What makes Jeff Goldblum so damn sexy?

Just look at him! On a purely physical level it’s those smouldering good looks, his barely concealed chiselled chest and his devil-may-get-a-hard-on dress sense!

Dust below that exterior though, past the sizzling dry wit and humour and you get to what makes Jeff just irresistible. He’s SO. FUCKING. WISE. While everybody else dances around getting excited about playing God, he’s the man who dollops out the sense of cynicism – and ALL of the best lines. Life will find a way.

2000 Trees Festival are letting you loose on their stage this year. What can the curious expect from your set?

I know right? Idiots!

So basically Jurassic Pop pride ourselves on bringing a lo-fi set full of brazen dinosaur enthusiasm, pop hooks, and every lyric carefully crafted about Jurassic Park. There will be Read more…

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Posted on 04 July 2015

Goan Dogs [Interview]

goan dogs press shot

With 2000 Trees Festival on the horizon, TMMP talked to desert rockers Goan Dogs – starting with a very serious question…

First off, I need you to help me settle a debate: What the hell is “desert rock”, anyway?

Music for people to rock out to in any desert. So, no idea really. Once upon a time, The Desert Sessions and Tinariwen used to seep into our music though, and we just kept using the phrase. It’s tiring thinking of new descriptions when the music keeps evolving.

You’re due to play 2000 Trees 2015. Do you have anything special planned for your set?

In a word, yes. Over the last year we have been writing and scrutinising our new material with legendary producer Read more…

Posted on 03 July 2015

Ghouls [Interview]

ghouls banner

Without bands who mix punk rock with horns, summer is incomplete. Be glad, then, that Ghouls are here to save not just the day, but a whole season. Here, TMMP chats to Ghouls about 2000 Trees, dodgy promoters, and the girl who tried to cheat on her boyfriend with the whole band – while they were onstage…

You’re playing a set at 2000 Trees this year. What thoughts and feelings are going through your heads right now?

We’re genuinely stoked to be playing. A couple of us have been as punters in previous years, and its been on our radar of festivals we’d like to play for a little while – so it’s great we get to do it this year.

We’re gonna really get into the festival spirit and do some acoustic sets as well as playing the main stage on the Friday, which makes the whole thing even cooler. So yeah, amped for it.

How did Ghouls come to be? What’s your origin story?

Originally, Ghouls formed in 2011 – but we didn’t become the band we are now until early 2013. We all met through each moving to London from various places around England, and mainly got to know each other through music – going to shows, playing shows, etc. Well, everyone except for Maz (sax) who we met through Gumtree…

What’s the story behind the first gig you ever played?

Our first show was a typical “London” show, where the promoter puts on naive bands and tells you to Read more…

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Posted on 03 July 2015

Cleft [Interview]

cleft live shot

Cleft are fucking nuts. Some bands just grab your attention through sheer force of intent – and this instrumental turbo-prog duo is definitely one of them. TMMP got talking to guitarist Dan about their upcoming set at 2000 Trees – and this is what came out…

You’re due to hit 2000 Trees 2015. How’re you feeling?

We’ve had a hectic and challenging few months due to illness so it feels like it’s come out of the blue to me actually. We’ve been burrowed away writing loads of new material for our next album, so we’ve not had much time to think about gigs and festivals. It’s only now that it’s so close that I’m realising we’re actually doing this festival, playing with so many amazing bands. It’s going to be an excellent weekend!

Musically, you’re pretty out there. If an inebriated stranger were to ask what you sound like, what would you say in response?

I’d describe ourselves (to an enormously drunk and unmusical stranger) like a cross between Yes, Slayer, and Mr Blobby. But to a normal human person, we’ve been categorising ourselves as “turbo-prog,” which seems to have stuck now.

We play riff-based progressive music that we’ve condensed down to the length of an average to short pop tune due to our very short attention spans. We’re exactly the same as the Beatles – if the Beatles were an instrumental, gear-obsessed drum/guitar duo with a penchant for filthy riffs and odd groovy rhythms…

What made you decide to stick with the guitar-drums duo format? Would you consider expanding the lineup?

I think we just both thrive on the challenge of Read more…

Posted on 02 July 2015

Solemn Sun [Interview]

solemn sun press

Solemn Sun deal in expansive, hard-hitting rock – and with a set of festivals on their summer To Do list (including 2000 Trees, which will come as no surprise to those keeping up to date with TMMP’s ongoing Trees-related series of interviews!), they’re busy to say the least. Here, the band discuss festival crowds, motivation, and what happens during creative dry spells…

You’re hitting 2000 Trees this year. What’s the general feeling in the SS camp right now?

We’re very excited to get out and play some festivals this summer; we haven’t toured since our UK/EU run with Mineral back in February, so it’s been a long while off. We’re very proud of the set we have ready for them and Trees in particular has an amazing crowd – so looking forward to playing that one.

What happened at the first gig you ever played?

Ha! Our first ever gig wasn’t exactly the best start: a pretty tense load in and check led to us having a minor scuffle with the support band. It all ended well on the night though and was a solid turn out for our first show.

What’s your favourite part of the festival experience?

Definitely the set itself. A festival crowd is a great thing because Read more…


Posted on 02 July 2015

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